Kitsilano Beach Piano

Kitsilano Beach Piano
1305 Arbutus Street
The piano was painted by artists at the Ridge Meadows Association for Community Living, working together with our Artist in Residence Robi Smith. The theme for our piano is “Compassion”, as our community is going through the steps right now to become a “Compassionate Community” This “Pianos on the Street” project brings a good crowd to Memorial Peace Park, because we want as many people as possible to see the painting and playing of the piano and tell them all about the program as well.Thanks so much everybody for participating in this absolutely awesome Community Project!
Ilse Philips and Robi Smith
Founded in 1958, the Ridge Meadows Association for Community Living is a nonprofit agency that provides services and supports for more than 600 children and adults with developmental disabilities, and children at risk of developmental disability or delay, and their families. Services include developmental, educational, recreational, vocational, and residential programs. RMACL takes pride in its mission to provide services and advocacy in the community that support children and adults with developmental issues and their families.