Science World Piano

Science World Piano
1455 Quebec St
Last year hosting one of Pacey’s Pianos was most definitely our pleasure. It not only provided Entertainment for our waiting guests, it also connected us more closely with our musical Neighbours. Plus the decorating of the piano allowed the staff a fun creative outlet for an Afternoon and bonded us in a fun and very memorable way.

We are excited to welcome the piano again this year and will be decorating it with art work created by staff from Science Centres all across Canada. This symbolises some new initiatives to connect and collaborate with more of our community partners here in Vancouver, around the province and right across the country.
Jeff Porter and Jo-Ann Coggan

The piano was decorated by a variety of staff at Science World but the main design was created and painted by Jeff Porter, with assistance from Jo-Ann Coggan and her team.
Science World British Columbia is a charitable non-profit organization that engages British Columbians in science and inspires future science and technology leadership throughout our province.

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